Like 1996, US money shrinks alarmingly while markets enjoy a bout of 'irrational exuberance'.
The moving parts of Chicago futures deliveries help reveal dollar liquidity conditions
Exorbitant Chat: episode 2 - Donald MacKenzieListen now | Professor Donald MacKenzie and I talk about 'performativity' - how financial models alter the world they were built to describe, and the…
The dog did nothing
I simply must go Baby, it's cold outside The answer is, "No" But, baby, it's cold outside The welcome has been How lucky that you dropped in So nice and…
Some thoughts
Unless the Fed's RRP falls substantially soon, more market players may fold.
Exorbitant ChatListen now (34 min) | Professor Geoffrey Wood and I wonder why central banks seem keen to ignore or dismiss the Quantity Theory of Money
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